The Samsung Galaxy S9 is exciting everyone before it arrives on the 16th. Lots of people will be rushing to purchase this phone at a local store before they're all gone. Here is some information on the latest cellphone.

New Features Edit

the S9 is releasing next Friday with AR emojis. Similar to the S8, the S9 is attractive in shape and size, and not to mention the look. The camera was a huge improvement, and so we're the desktop icons and app accessibility homescreens. The lock screen also looks glorious.

March 16th Edit

So far, the Samsung company has based most of their S9 ideas off the S8. The S9 is slightly bigger and has better battery life. However, all phones have flaws. If you are used to the old chronic design of the older phones such as the S5, this phone will not be easy to use. You will more likely struggle to access the controls of this phone. The S9 is being released on March 16th. On that day, many people will crowd stores and T-Mobile centers. Enjoy your phones, folks!

See it for yourself! Edit

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+- Official Introduction

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+- Official Introduction